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Monthly Newsletter

Spring is here!

There are some big things happening in the world of the Flatland Harmony Experiment.  If you attended the show we played last friday with the Larry Keel Experience, then you probably already heard that we have grown.  added a variable, if you will…

Ladies and Gentlemen
introducing the newest member of

Flatland Harmony Experiment

Chris Dollar




Yep, that’s right folks,  Chris Dollar formerly of the New Old Cavalry and the world famous Chris Dollar Band.  the one and only …   as you might know, made his FHE debut last friday at the Mousetrap Bar and Grill at our show with the Larry Keel Experience.  the show was a lot of fun to say the least.  we got some good pictures and recordings,  for those that missed it.





listen to the show on archive.org here







In other News




John Hartford Memorial Festival
this year the festival is going to be fire  click on the headline to link to the website to get your tickets and see the daily line up.Flatland Harmony Experiment will be playing multiple sets again this year 
I will point out that one announcement has been left out 
of their post,  one of our sets will not be your average Flatland Harmony set,  I don’t want to say too much,  but if you can make it, you should.  It is going to be a special one time only treat for this festival.
they have put an attendance cap on the festival and they will sell out






from us here at Flatland Harmony Experiment headquarters
Keep in touch!!   see you soon!



You can Purchase any of our music online at CDBaby.com




New Album

13 new original tracks by Flatland Harmony Experiment.  This album is a monster!! Also It will in a way, mark the end of an era. This entire album was recorded as the Trio, at Hit City Studios in So Bro……
release date to be announced soon!



Upcoming events

     Apr 15    Stanley’s Pub    Cincinnati, OH    
    Apr 21    Time and Space    Louisville, KY    
     Apr 28    The Brick Alley    Frankfort, KY
     Apr 30    Union Brewing Co.    Carmel, IN
     May 04    Flatwater    Broad Ripple, IN
     May 10    City Market Downtown    Indianapolis, IN
     May 12    The Willard    Franklin, IN
     May 13    Virginia Ave Folk Fest    Indianapolis, IN
     May 19    Broad ripple Park    Indianapolis, IN
     May 25    ShoeFly Restaurant    Indianapolis, IN
     May 28    Union Brewing Co.    Carmel, IN
     May 31    John Hartford Memorial Festival   
     Jun 10    Union Brewing Co.    Carmel, IN




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